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There were so many operating systems to choose from—iOS,android,Windows,meebo,webOS,Blackberry OS (goes on) and now Ubuntu?

Canonical,creators of Ubuntu recently mentioned that they will be entering the Cellular World along with tablets and SmartTV’s and will be announcing the news at Ubuntu Developer Summit this week in Florida said in the interview with ZDNet.Canonical will be focusing on mobile devices after Ubuntu 12.04. There are not yet any specific details as when will the company release its first Ubuntu device except some Rumors.

Are there any chances for Ubuntu to stand out between Operating Systems like iOS,Android,Windows? Sure canonical’s must have at least thought of some strategy to be in the race(if atleast cant dominate the smartphone leaders). Yet there are lot of surprises to come from there side.

Who invented internet?

And here comes the comment about Al Gore claiming to have invented it. Al gore actually said that he “took the initiative creating internet.”[Source:CNN]

What Al Gore did was to promote internet as a vice president of united states.

Internet was the result of more than one person contributing on the project.

So where did this entire “internet” thing start?

Remember sputnik? Yes the first man-made satellite by Soviet Union in 1957.United States was pretty much socked by it and with the cold war, internal relationships etc. between the two countries President Dwight D. Eisenhower created the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in 1958 as a direct punch to Sputnik’s launch. ARPA’s purpose was to give the United States a technological edge over other countries. One important part of ARPA’s mission was computer science.In 1950’s many computers had no way to network with each other apart from reading magnetic tapes and punch cards.

ARPA wanted to change that. ARPA and Bolt teamed up, (Beranek and Newman) to create a computer network. The network had to connect four computers running on four different operating systems. They called the network ARPANET. Without ARPANET, the Internet wouldn’t look or behave the way it does today — it might not even exist. Although other groups were working on ways to network computers, ARPANET established the protocols used on the Internet today. Moreover, without ARPANET, “it may have taken many more years before anyone tried to find ways to join regional networks together into a larger system.” Jonathan Strickland from Discovery said.

During this years engineers began to look a way to connect ARPANET to the pocket radio network (PRNET- A packet radio network connects computers through radio transmitters and receivers. Instead of sending data across phone lines, the computers use radio waves). According to SRI it took three years (in 1976) to successfully connect the two networks.

Formation Of Internet

In 1977, technicians joined the satellite network (SATNET) to other two networks, forming a multiple network system known as inter-networking or internet in short. After the inter-networking system other computer networks like USENET, BITNET, CSNET and NSFNET were included.

Later in 1990, Tim Berners-Lee (another popular guess in the list of ‘who invented internet’) developed a system designed for the simple navigation on the Internet, which is popularly known as World Wide Web. Many people considered internet as World Wide Web but World Wide Web is a way to explore a huge network called Internet. Using the World Wide Web, the Internet became much more accessible. Colleges and universities began to connect to the Internet. Military started using it and businesses soon followed. By 1994, Internet commerce had become a reality.

Today, the Internet is more complex than ever. It connects computers, satellites, mobile devices and other gadgets together over a massive network leaving back ARPANET.

Thanks Sputnik, to make all this happen.

Here you can find a download link to the Siri GUI files for your iDevice, as well as the developers instructions for installing.

While at this time the Siri files released will only enable the Siri GUI, the developer has mentioned he has included files which he will be providing instructions for at a later date.If you are interested in downloading these Siri files and installing Siri on your iDevice please watch the embedded YouTube video.


Download Mirror #1

Instructions by developer






Microsoft has offered an update in terms of the Windows Phone 7. 5 Mango software roll-out ,
and it looks like the update that any and all Windows Phone users have been waiting for—in
short, if you have a Windows Phone device—Mango is now available. The details come by
way of the Windows Phone Blog where they break it down as “we’re now delivering Mango to 100 percent of eligible phones around the world, regardless of
In addition, it also appears as if another firmware update will be rolling- out to “some
phones around the world. ” According to the details provided, “don’ t be surprised if you see another update notification pop up on your
phone in the coming days.” As for this update,nothing specific as to which handsets or which
carriers will receive it.


If you own a Samsung device and you’re wondering whether it’s going to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Samsung Italy has the answer for you. According to Italian tech blog, , Samsung Italy has confirmed which devices will be getting the very pretty Ice Cream Sandwich update. Judging by the list that has been confirmed so far,things don’t look too promising for owners of older Samsung Android phones.
So which devices have been confirmed for now?

Unsurprisingly we’ve got the Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Note 5.3 on the top of the list. The rest of the devices are Samsung’s latest tablets – the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. No mention of the original Galaxy S or the original Galaxy Tab 7 – despite the fact that the devices aren’t even two years old.

But frighten not, third party solutions from the developer’s community should solve those problems.

(via ubergizmo)

With the decreasing gap between television sets and Internet it is now possible to access almost anything from your Smart TV with your “remote control” BUT not too long.

Yes here comes—Siri after various attempts of including keyboard,mouse,ipod,iphone and even ipads as remote(none of which made a heavy impact) by apple.

Apple is trying even harder to completely eradicate the gap by introducing its artificial intelligent software—Siri.It’s like science-fiction. You sit on your couch and rather than “play” with several remotes or use hand gestures, you simply talk: “Put on the last episode of How I met your mother.” “Play the headlines for today.” “Play some Coldplay music” and yes Siri does the rest.

Of course the tail would go on (apart from asking some retard questions) which whould definitely bring an impact again from the apple after its introduction of first tablet.

“Apple television would have the simplest user interface one could ever imagine” Steve jobs explaining his biographer Walter Isaacson. By this Steve has just made another impact on the world.

“On my quest to learn more about the Apple television project, I learned that executives at Apple knew as far back as 2007 that the company would eventually make a ‘dedicated TV’. This realization came shortly after the company released the Apple TV, a box that connects to any manufacturer’s television to stream iTunes content. Consumers did not flock to the Apple TV, and rather than abandon the project, Apple began calling it a hobby.” said Nick Bilton from New York times.

Who knew that Apple’s hobby would lead us to the futuristic world.

So when will Apple release its next huge impact?

It is said that The company  needs to wait until the cost of large displays falls. The company is now close enough that it could announce the product by late 2012, releasing it to consumers by 2013.

Clearly the product is still in developing stage but the news is definitely killing the patience inside every one of us.

After ten years of bussiness together Sony decided to buy Ericsson for over 1.05 billion euros for the remaining half stake in the company.Probably Sony made a thoughtful decision(seeing others move-on especially direct competitor like Samsung)after its current foothold in mobile business.This brings Sony-Ericsson partnership to an end.

In the press release, a statement reads, “This acquisition makes sense for Sony and Ericsson, and it will make the difference for consumers”. This benefit should mainly come through a new focus, not only on the hardware side but through added content sold through the PlayStation Network – Sony’s decent market share in televisions and laptops now being joined by, what it hopes, a greater mobile phone and tablet slice of the pie.

Hope Sony makes a comeback in its mobile business with splitting Ericsson from it by reaching the conclusion of deal by the end of January 2012.

Google has revealed that it very first phone Nexus one is too old for Android 4.0 that is the hardware is too old to run its new Android 4.0 while it will still be giving upgrades to its Nexus S users to Android 4.0.Android Product Management lead Hugo Barra made this comment against Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s taunt on Android’s complex behaviour claiming that ANdroid phones “needed a computer science degree” to use while Windows Phones are much more simpler to use.

Nexus one was Google’s first  phone launched on January 2010 made by HTC. It supported Android 2.1 along with newer versions of Android 2.3. The phone is claimed to be ‘Hardware Limited’ due to its  1GHz processor plus the video chatting is not possible as the phone is not equipped with front-facing camera.

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